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Holiday Club - Out of School

Week 1 – Summer Holidays

The weeks theme was all about Roald Dahl, each day was a different themed story.

Children's author Roald Dahl wrote the kids' classics Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, among other famous works, Over his decades-long writing career, Dahl composed 19 children’s books.

The children made their own animal characters and puppets from the enormous crocodile.

The children also had a movie afternoon and watched Matilda.

The children made their own marvellous medicines, either items they had collected within the Nursery grounds, whilst adding glitter, slime flour & carrot peelings.

The outing was to the Chocolate Story and a trip to MacDonald’s in York. The children had a fantastic day out. The tour was led by a professional tour guide, and the children discovered the origins of chocolate, they learnt about how it’s produced, and uncover some surprising secrets behind York’s greatest chocolate products, from the treasured Chocolate Orange to the world-famous KitKat.

After the tour of the chocolate factory the children went for lunch at MacDonald’s.

The theme continued through the week with the children drawing around themselves to make the Big Friendly Giant.

To cool down this week the children had water fun in the park.

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