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Lyndhurst Blog January 2018

Updated: Sep 12, 2018


Topic: Occupations

Shape: Heart

Colour: Pink


The children made Valentine’s Day cards for their families. The children glued the red shaped hearts, and strings on their cards. They formed the big red hearts into kites and glued the small red hearts on both sides of the strings. The children also wrote their names, or shadow wrote their names.

The children also enjoyed roller painting onto cling film that had been wrapped around the table.


The children sat down, answered the questions, such as: what does your mummy and daddy do for a job? The children dressing up in their favourite job roles:


Building constructions by using the soft play shapes, reading, and using colourful stilts for balancing.


The children went outside and played in the Green tractor area using the kitchen and pots, spoons, and play food. Some made sounds by hitting the pots and pans.

The children played in the sand tray. They play with the Hairdressing, Vets, doctors, Builders and  Firemen.

The children also sang rhyming songs such as:1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once a caught a fish alive, The old Grand Duke of York, started slow and fast, Head shoulders, knees and toes, slow and fast, 1 little finger up to 10, and Days of the week.

Baby Room

We have been making lots of colourful craft in different shapes. Making them using different materials like sand, glitter, paint, pens and dabber pens. We have been building with the colourful mega blocks too.

2-3’s Room

We had fun playing in the water play with sea creatures. We added glitter to make the water sparkly. The children used lots of imagination as they dressed up in the role-play area. Talking about their home experiences, i.e. going shopping, taking the bus into town. Being a princess and going to the party. All lots of fun!!!

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