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Lyndhurst Blog February 2018

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Baby Room Blog.

The babies have been making valentine’s Day pictures using foot prints to make a heart saying: “I love you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes.”

2-3’s Blog.

It has been quiet in 2-3’s this week. The boys and girls made some Valentine’s Day cards for someone special. They have also decorated some hearts using collage materials. The boys and girls have also been doing some sensory play using jelly cubes, feeling and smelling them. They stacked and built with them even using scissors to cut up the cubes. Children found some ice in the outdoor area. They were touching and feeling it and watching it melt in their warm hands.

Pre-School Blog.

Topic: Occupations

Shape Heart

Colour: Pink

Craft activities:

Some of the children made pictures of themselves with features such as: eyes, nose, mouth. They chose the colour of the hair. The children told me what they want to be when they grow up. Some of their drawings we displayed on a string inside the Pre-School room.

A parent visit:

What a fantastic afternoon at Lyndhurst! After a request to our Mum’s & Dad’s to come help us with our current theme of “occupations”, one of our mums, Christine Stubbs, who is a Regional Manager at W Boyes & Co, kindly gave up her time to come and speak to our pre-school children.   Christine spent the afternoon at Lyndhurst talking to our pre-schoolers about her job and all the exiting things she does to make sure that the shelves at W Boyes & Co are packed with the great things we all like to buy.

As part of the afternoon all the children got to role play the shop staff. They had so much fun dressing up as employees, they even got to use the cash registers, pricing guns and price labels. At the end of the afternoon, Christine gave each child a gift from W Boyes & Co as a reminder of the day, which was a wonderfully kind gesture.  From all the boys and girls at Lyndhurst Day Nursery and Pre-School, we would like to thank Christine, and W Boyes and Co, for her time and for making the afternoon so enlightening and special.

As we are continuing with our “occupations” theme, we hope to bring you more exciting information about what are pre-school children are learning from our Mums and Dads.

Circle time:

The children sat down and answered the questions such as: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Yellow train/Sensory room:

Building things by using the soft play shapes, reading, using colourful stilts for balancing. They also played in the sensory room, touching textures, seeing different coloured lights and just relaxing on the cushions.

Outdoor play:

The children went outside went outside and played with trikes, cars, hula hoops and chalks for writing on the board and went on the small slide. The children played in the sand tray. They played with ice cubes and big chunks of ice in a tray with small toy people pretending to be in the Winter Olympics. The children also played guessing games with the musical instruments. The staff hid the instruments and made a sound with them, and the children had to guess what instrument it was.

OOS Blog.

We have been enjoying the out door are when weather let us, playing football, chasing games and tennis. Mixing paints and doing potato prints, painting using pastels. Making dens and playing silly rhyming games. Chilling watching films and playing on the X-Box. Celebrating the start of Chinese New Year playing chop sticks relay games and being messy with noodles.

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