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Lyndhurst Blog March 2018

Updated: Sep 12, 2018


Topic: Occupations

Shape: Heart

Colour: Pink

Craft activities:

The children coloured the prepared builder’s equipment drawings such as: a hammer, a saw, a screw driver and a spanner.

Circle time:

The children were shown different builders tools. They were asked what tool was shown to them and what it is for. They also mentioned they have those at home. Then children played in the sand tray. They also played with the construction set to make something such as: builders toy, saws, bolts, nuts, power drill, screw driver, spanner, etc. The children used the mega blocks to build something such as a house, a roof, a tower, etc. The children also used the activpanel interactive computer for Jolly phonics recognising letters and sounds such as: s, a, t, I, n, h, p, c, k, eh.

The children have had lot of fun singing with actions ‘ Head, shoulders, knees and toes ‘ fast and slow. Then the ‘Old Grand Duke of York’. The children also started making Mother’s Day cards using hand print.

The children have also been having such an amazing time during craft & sensory play.

Baby Room

This week in the baby room we have been very busy, we have done lots of craft using the pens and dabbers. We have had the playdough out using the rollers and cutters to create lots of shapes. We have read lots of stories looking at the pictures. We have been singing lots of songs encouraging children to join in with the actions. We have also looked at the different animals and what noises they make.

2-3’s Room

The children in the 2-3’s have been doing a lot of construction using a range of building materials and resources. We have been busy doing lots of Jungle craft ready for the new theme for March.

Out Of School

We really enjoyed the Tiger Tale at the Arts Centre last Friday. Back to school now, back to routine after the holidays. We have talked about if they have been doing anything at school about the Winter Olympics and Chinese New Year. Some said they had Chinese food and worn red. Some said they had watched some TV. We also talked about what is special about 22nd February as some of the Out of School belong to Scout or Guiding. It is Thinking Day, when we think about others in different countries. We made Union Jack flags putting the 3 flags together: St. George’s, St. Patrick’s and St. Andrew’s. We also played with some gloop to see what different impact we have on the gloop.

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