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Lyndhurst Blog April 2018

Updated: Sep 12, 2018


Topic: Occupations

Shape: Heart

Colour: Pink

Circle Time: The question was ‘Who lives in your house?’ The children played in the sand tray. They played with the vets, construction tools, bricks and puzzles. The children also used the Activpanel – interactive computer for Jolly phonics recognising letters and sounds such as: s, a, t, I, n, h, p, c, k, eh. They joined in singing nursery rhymes.

Sensory Room: Small group of children used the sensory room board to learn the sounds of the starting letters of their names and tried to write their names on the board. They also counted and tried learning numerals from 0 – 10. They counted their claps, jumps and steps from 1 – 10. They had fun singing with actions, head, shoulders, knees and toes – fast and slow then ‘Old grand Duke of York.

Outdoor: The children played outside. They were so excited playing in the snow, the children brought the snow inside and we added food colouring and we watched it melt. To further the children’s communication we discussed what they children would do in the snow, some mentioned, ‘make snowman, snowball fight’. The children made small snowmen and snowballs.

On Friday librarian came to visit children and read them story. All children enjoyed it so much.

2-3’s Blog.

 The children have enjoyed the snow, they have built snowmen and snow pies in our mud kitchen. We also brought some snow in on a tray and watched what happened as it melted.

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