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Lyndhurst Blog December 2018

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

2 – 3’’s Room

Topic: Colours

The children have been doing lots of colour craft this week using the Primary colours which include using red, blue and yellow. The children have also been mixing the primary colours to make other colours. The secondary colours are orange, green and violet.  The children were fascinated by the change is colours.

The children have been making the most of the weather, during outside play, the children helped chalk a make shift road onto the soft matting.  The children used the road safety awareness equipment for a better understanding on crossing roads.  Some of the children wished to play on the slide and climbing frame.

Pre – School

Topic: Transport

Shape: Cross

Colour: Red

Craft Activities: The children made printing of bus by using black, blue, and red paints. They also wrote their names and the word ‘bus’ – those who can write their names and the word ‘bus’, and shadow and shadow wrote their names and word ‘bus’ – those who are still learning to write. The children chose the colours they liked.

Circle Time: The children sat down, answered the questions, such as: ‘What is your favourite colour or colours?’ The children then used the Interactiv panel, selected their favourite colour  and wrote their names on the Interactive computer.

Yellow Train/Sensory Room: The children used the soft play shapes to build towers and dens. During which the children were identifying the colours and shapes of the soft play.

Activpanel interaction activity: The children used the panel for Jolly phonics – sounds and letters: ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘I’, ‘n’, ‘eh’, ‘ck’, ‘h’, ‘p’. The children also practiced numbers recognition from 0 – 10/20. As a free choice activity the children had chosen played matching games i.e.: homes of the animals.

The children played with wooden train set, they were able to count the wheels of the  and the amount a carriages it was pulling.

Using the vehicles to make marks on the card

The children also did Shadow writing words such as: ‘bus’, ‘train’, ‘car’, ‘van’, ‘bike’ and ‘airplane’.  The children were also practising their scissor control.

Water play –  The children also played imitating the airplane and the sound.

Sand Play – The children used care and trucks to make patterns in the sand.

Baby Room

This week the babies have been doing lots of role play with the pushchairs and babies, play food had been incorporated in the play to the babies could look after the dolls and feed them.

The babies have also been using the play tills to buy items from the baskets.

Dress up play has been a focus this month and in particular the animal costumes.

The babies have also been busy doing lots of colourful craft for our colour and shape theme.

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