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Out of School Club August Blog (Week 3)

The week has been filled with so much fun. We have been to the cricket ground to play rounders, we had a picnic lunch and then walked back to Out of School Club.

Wednesday was a day of science experiments. We carried out various experiments, including coca-cola and tonic water volcanoes, we made an egg float, explored slime with UV lights and used Skittles to make a rainbow with water. We did this by adding drops of water, using pipettes and then watching the colours spread through sheets of tissue paper.

On Thursday we went over to the Pre-school room for a change of scenery and some different toys to play with. We used spaghetti and marshmallows to make a bed or chair for Mummy, Daddy or Baby bear. Our elephant’s toothpaste sadly didn’t work, we may have to try it again with a slight tweek.

On Friday we went to Market Weighton, we travelled by bus. When we got there, we followed Giant William Bradley’s footsteps and we had our photograph taken with his statue. We looked at his house, followed his footsteps again and compared our feet with his. Afterwards we had our packed lunch in the playing fields before walking to Gelato Lounge to choose our delicious, different flavoured ice creams.

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