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Topic Farm Animals

Here are some of the activities in the Pre-School:-

Craft Activity:-

The children made sheep masks. They coloured the masks with the colouring pencils and they cut the shape of their masks.

Construction Play – Using gears, wooden shapes, wooden train tracks and Duplo, they built all sorts of imaginative buildings, vehicles and shapes.

The children used the Activpanel – interactive computer for mark making and for matching games.

They also used the tablets (computers) for learning games, taking weird and wonderful pictures and drawing.

The children practiced their Jolly Phonics, number recognition and wrote the starting letters of their names on the white board.

Up Dressing

The children also enjoyed looking at the pictures of the farm books and listening to the story selected from the sack, the children really enjoyed - Old Macdonald.

During song time the children were asked which songs they would like, and the most popular ones were: Old Macdonald and 5 Little Ducks.

Water play – water creatures such as turtles, ducks and fishes.

During Circle time – the children were asked: “what did you see whilst you were driving your tractor”?

First the children joined in ring games like, The Farmer’s in his den, ring a ring a roses. They sang row, row, row your boat and then did some racing and running around the play area.

The children also had free play in the outdoor area, where they were playing with the mud kitchen, washing and hanging out the baby clothes and then jumping off our very big tyre.

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