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Pre-School Blog September 2018

The topic this week has been Celebrations

As a craft activity the children made a wedding gown using a white, a blue and a red paper. They folded them, like a fan and they tied a ribbon at the middle, to make the waist of the dress. They drew a face with features and then glued the dress onto their paper body. Some of the children’s work is on display inside the pre-school room.

They have enjoyed construction play this week, using Mega Blocks to build the layers of a cake. They have used the gears, train tracks and bricks and have used connectors to make necklaces and bracelets.

The children have dressed up as princesses.

In Circle Time we discussed who do you invite to a family wedding?

This week we have been reading “The Fairytale Wedding” book. The children enjoyed learning about wedding and have dressed up in wedding style clothes and then role playing. Children have also been encouraged to choose books for reading by looking at the pictures in books.

We also made potions which the children enjoyed. We have used measuring jugs and cups to scoop up water. In the sand play area, we have used baking equipment, cups, plates and bowls.

We have sung nursery rhymes Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake, 5 Little Buns in a Baker’s Shop and other food related rhymes.

We had some sensory time where we compared real and artificial flowers, looking at the colours, feeling the different textures and smelling the different scents. We learned the names for lavender, fuchsia, lily, violet and many more.

We have iced biscuits as if they were cakes and have used and compared bottles of different size and shape for pouring water.

Outdoor Play - we had free play outside.

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