Frequently asked questions about our technology

Isn’t using touch-screen computer an isolating experience?
At Lyndhurst we believe in all types of education. Whereas real play develops all sorts of social skills within children, a touch-screen computer allows a child to interact and learn on a whole new level.

Aren’t ‘computers too early’ for little ones who should really be scampering around?
Not at all. At Lyndhurst we believe in play – real games, real people, real learning. Digging, splashing, hopping, building. Whiteboards bring the children a whole new realm of experience and achievement.

What sort of activities do the children get up to on the touch-screen computers?
We are about to issue some educational software covering literacy and science for use on the PCs, we intend to link the PC with digital and video cameras that the children will be able to use within the nursery. We are also keen to introduce technology into the nurseries so that the children gain confidence with the equipment before they proceed into new education levels where much of this technology already resides.

Do these computers have cameras?
The computers do have cameras but the computer is not connected to any network and cannot be accessed remotely. The internal camera is very useful as it opens up opportunities to visually interact with programs.

At what age does computer teaching start?
We take guidance from our internal managers qualified in Early Years, however, as all our lives are surrounded in technology, the sooner an individual gains confidence in the use of technology, the better it will be for them.

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