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                                        Discounts on childcare with Lyndhurst Day Nursery


You may or may not be aware of the range of discounts and offers that are available to parents looking to place their child at Lyndhurst Day Nursery.

This section provides information on common types of help and support on offer, both at national level and relating specifically to placement with Lyndhurst.

Lyndhurst will accept childcare vouchers from all providers.

If your employer uses a different provider, your nursery manager will be able to make the necessary arrangements. Further information on Tax Credits and childcare vouchers.

Tax credits for your childcare

Nine out of ten families are eligible for some financial assistance through the new Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit. The amount you receive will depend on your circumstances.

Families with children can claim Child Tax Credit if their income is no more than the governments limit.

The amount you get depends on various things, including your annual income and is paid directly into the bank of the main carer. The other tax credit you may be entitled to, if either you or your partner is working, is called Working Tax Credit. It includes a childcare element to help families who are working and spending money on childcare.


Find out more:


You’ll need to know the following details before you use the calculator:

  • your income

  • your partner’s income

  • your working hours

  • any benefits you’re claiming, or have just stopped claiming

  • the average weekly amount you spend on childcare

Using childcare vouchers

Lyndhurst Nursery accept childcare vouchers as part or full payment of your child’s day care costs – contact your nursery to discuss setting up this as a method of paying your invoice. Childcare Vouchers is a scheme some employers offer to help working parents save on registered childcare costs. Childcare vouchers are not means tested and are available to all working parents whose companies operate childcare voucher schemes.

The vouchers can be used to pay for all types of registered childcare including registered childminders, day nurseries, crèches, playgroups, out of school hours clubs, holiday play schemes and home childcares approved under the new Home Child carer Approval Scheme.


Your entitlement to tax credits, however, is likely to be affected. This is because you can only claim help through the childcare element of Working Tax Credit on childcare costs that you meet yourself. If your employer meets any of your childcare costs, even if your pay has reduced in return (a salary sacrifice) these costs do not count.


We offer a Sibling Discount at Lyndhurst Day Nursery

In order to support families who attend Lyndhurst Day Nursery & Pre-School, we are pleased to offer a 10% siblings’ discount on all children that attend full time (Mon-Fri (8am-6pm)).

This discount does not apply to funded children. This sibling discount will be applied to the eldest child’s fees and is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discount. * Subject to eligibility'

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