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Frequently asked questions 
How can Lyndhurst help me with the nursery fees?
Lyndhurst will accept childcare vouchers from many providers. If your employer uses a different provider please speak to the office they can help you with the necessary arrangements.
Do you open for Bank holidays?
Our Lyndhurst Day Nursery opens 51 weeks of the years during which full fees are payable. All bank holidays and over Christmas we are closed. (All bank holidays are charged for to hold your child's place whether we are open or closed. 
How often do we review our fees?
We review our fees yearly April we have a structured process to look at the costs or operating the nursery. If we feel that operating cost have risen we will then have to increase the fees.  You will receive a months notice of any fee changes.  When does my child qualify for 3 year old funding? When your child turns 3 or 4 you are entitled to 15 hours funding you may also qualify for 30 hours funded. (Please note it is the term after your child turns 3 years old you can receive the funding).  Please contact the office on for more information. 
If you have any questions at all please contact us on 


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