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Observation, Assessment & Planning
Observation, Assessment & Planning your child’s progress

We at Lyndhurst Nursery believe that careful planning is required to ensure that play at our children nursery and pre-school is of a high quality.

A Key Person (member of staff) is assigned to your child to ensure that they are engaging in the right kind of activities.

This helps to plan future experiences and opportunities to build your child’s knowledge, skills and abilities which will lead to new learning and development.

Observations of each child are evaluated and linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

This allows for every child’s individual development to be monitored and their progress recorded in their individual Incredible Learning Journal.

This is a record of your child’s interests, significant achievements and development throughout their time with us and we encourage you to access your child’s journal at any time. Planning for your child will consist of:


Photographs and examples of work

These will help to highlight what your child enjoys in the nursery and where their learning is progressing.

Individual learning intention sheets (for planning)

These focus on your child’s particular interests based on the observations made by the Key Person and yourselves.

It is this information that helps the Key Person to plan experiences that support the interests and future learning of your child.

Online learning journey for parents


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