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A partnership approach with parents
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We believe that parents of children at our nursery and preschool are the primary educators of their children and should be centrally involved in their child’s experiences and development. We realise that it is imperative we gain the trust and confidence of you, the parent. We want you to be happy with what we do and how we do it.

We also pride ourselves in understanding the importance of instilling confidence and enthusiasm in your child from an early age. Each child has a Learning Journal which will be a record of your child’s interests, significant achievements and development throughout their time with us. We welcome parental contributions (this would include all significant people involved with your child) and we encourage parents to access their own child’s journal at any time.

Effective communication means there is a two way flow of information, knowledge and expertise between parents and staff. Staff are available daily to give feedback about your child’s day and to share significant events with you. Every interaction with you is based on a caring, professional relationship and respectful acknowledgement of the feelings of you as parents and those of your children.

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